I didn't sleep to well the night before my surgery. Check in at the Royal Victoria Hospital was at 6:30 am. We went straight to the 5th floor where the operating room was. I went down the hall where the recovery room is for preparation. I was told The procedure was scheduled at 9:30. We settled in the waiting room. They called my name to return to the 5th floor my mother and Titus hugged and kissed me before i was taken to the OR. I changed into a gown and I climbed into the bed, I wasn't nervous until they rolled me in the chilly OR and started getting me ready with the iv and things. The area was busting with activity from the minute I switched to the narrow Bed. There was huge bright lights and a ton of people tossing me around putting sticky things all over me. The nurses were making sure I knew my name and birthday and that it matched my bracelet. My surgeon and her assistant came in. She ask what kind of procedure I'm having. I had a hard time blurting out the word "double mastectomy" My surgeon held my hand and said " I can tell your nervous" he assured me that i was in good hands : ) they started preparing me and next thing i know they shot me with something to relax me. The last thing I remember is looking at my surgeon and I told him " see you on the other side" he smiled and said " that's the attitude" Within less then a minute i was feeling woozy..the mask went on and I was out.

4 hours later, I heard, “Sarah, you’re all done.” I gradually woke up. I felt the pressure in my chest and it was very painful. The nurses hooked me up with some pain medicine. I was heavily medicated and woozy. I peeked through my gown and i remember saying "no more boobies" lol As soon as I felt awake they wheeled me out to my own private room that my Doctor booked just for me :) I smiled as I passed the nurses and receptionists. They wished me a speedy recovery.

That evening the surgeon came to see me in my room and seemed happy with the results. He informed me that the surgery went very well. I wasn't able to leave until my blood pressure was stable. I got discharged the next day. I got home and gave my sons hugs and kisses.

The 1st surgery was tough for me. The partial mastectomy and Having lymph nodes removed complicates the surgery and the recovery. I had trouble lifting my lymph node arm and had to work to get my range of motion back.
Second surgery was not that bad. I had a bilateral mastectomy (no reconstruction - yet). Being flat has its advantages and disadvantages. The surgery itselt was not too rough. I was pretty out of it the day of the surgery, but was ready to go home the next day. The biggest hassle post surgery was the 2 drains that need tending twice a day. Titus has been really great and drains them for me. We measure the contents of each drain and record the output. Once the fluid gets to a certain level, they can remove that drain. No showers until all the drains are gone – only sponge bathe. The drains are uncomfortable and I hope to get those out on my post op appt on April 25.

I have a home care nurse that comes to my house every 2 days to change the dressings.

The medication that I take keeps me tired, so I sleep most of the time. Overall, the surgical and recovery experience has been very good. My main focus is to just heal. It can only get better from here. Thanks for all the prayers and Thanks to all who came to visit me. That meant a lot to me! I hope to post more often : )
Before surgery! A Smile for my love ❤
Off to the OR
After surgery!
Settled in my private room with the ocean view haha I wish
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort , but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
"The uncomfortable grenades"
Walking to keep blood pressure stable
A living example of what people can go through and survive!


04/22/2013 3:32pm

I am sure you hear this every day! You're a very strong woman! I admire your strength and dignity! Your beautiful spirit brightens the room wherever you are, your sense of humour and your smile reminds others there is Hope when you believe in the power of prayer! God bless you Sarah! :)

04/24/2013 5:51am

Good morning, Sarah. Honestly, I cried right through it all. I cried for you and the double masectomy, I cried for Hilda's little girl, I cried for Titus for who he is, and I cried for your Boys for being so understanding. Tears of joy at the end. Yes, stay focused on healing.

05/10/2013 9:22am

Wow you're beauty and strength shines through as I read your story and looked at your pictures. God bless you always and your family :)

03/29/2014 4:58am

I heard about your surgery.. I am related to Kat .. Wishing you well and all the best .. Take care


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